The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology — Matrix Algebra for Engineers: A Course Review — Week Two

Coursera course completion certificate

Week two covered various topics, such as: solving a system of linear equations using Gaussian elimination, LU decomposition of a matrix, as well as finding the inverse of a matrix.

The material is covered very well, though I recommend you speed up the video a bit. The professor covers all topics in an efficient and insightful manner. The problem sets you receive are challenging enough whilst also giving you the opportunity to learn the proofs, essentially the ‘why do these methods work’. I still, to this point, have not seen another course that provides proofs in the assignments along with solutions. I recommend this course if you are interested in the underpinnings of Linear Algebra, though I feel I will continue to say that throughout these reviews.

All in all, this week is gearing up to have this course turn-out to be pretty standard, though well taught.

Thank you for reading!

I write about programming and computer science as well as review Coursera courses I have taken related to the aforementioned topics.

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