The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology — Matrix Algebra for Engineers: A Course Review — Week One

Course Completion Certificate

I enrolled in a course from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology through the Coursera platform. This course was titled Matrix Algebra for Engineers. This course is taught by Jeffrey R. Chasnov.

In the first week, this course covered the introductory concepts to Linear Algebra. We covered how to multiply matrices, how to add and subtract matrices, as well as how to transpose matrices. The material covered was well taught, though I think the teacher could speak quicker than he does. I just put the videos at 1.5x speed.

The homework assignments for the course weren’t too difficult, though they did have their difficult points. This is the first Coursera course that I have come across that includes mathematical proofs in the course material. The material was handled in a wonderful way, where the instructor provided answers after you have attempted the questions. I found it quite helpful and unusual that you would see proofs in an online course.

All in all, I quite enjoyed the first week.

Thank you for reading.

I write about programming and computer science as well as review Coursera courses I have taken related to the aforementioned topics.

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