The University of Pennsylvania — Computational Thinking for Problem Solving — Week Four

Credit for the image goes to the University and Pennsylvania and Coursera

This week is dedicated to changing pseudo-code to actual python code. The coding assignment is not too difficult, though the auto-grader is frustrating at times. The week as a whole was quite well done. The information is presented in an efficient, easy to understand manner. The final assignment was challenging for a number of reasons.

The Final Assignment:

The final assignment was a coding project designed around the idea of how to count how many times a word, or its synonyms, appeared in a text. The code was moderately difficult, but nothing beyond the level of knowledge expected of you. The issue stems from how the autograder reads your code. The code has to be exactly how the autograder intends for it to be, otherwise, it fails you, even if you have the correct answers. It is quite frustrating, but once you realize this is the case, you can begin to modify your code to fit the expected code for this assignment.

Overall, this week was frustrating, but the material presented was superb. I recommend taking a look at this course if you are interested in how to tackle problems.

Thank you for reading!

The full course review will be up Saturday, February 2nd. Until then!

I write about programming and computer science as well as review Coursera courses I have taken related to the aforementioned topics.

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